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Welcome to Prenatal Imaging Centers

It's a .....? Prenatal Imagaing is in the news. Take a look at the article and video of a family finding the sex of their twins!

Prenatal Imaging Center offers state of the art ob/gyn sonography and 3D/4D keepsake exams

Prenatal Imaging Center was created to meet your needs :

  • A reasonably priced diagnostic exam for those that the insurance companies allow just one exam or you are uninsured.
  • We have a casual unrushed schedule that allows adequate time for the patient to see their baby, observe what they are doing when they feel movement, and to ask questions.
  • Friends and family are welcome we have seating for 9 and two 40 monitors.
  • We provide you with every image we freeze in color & black /white. Those images are saved to a CD to allow you the opportunity to reprint, E Mail, or use as clip art. (there is no predetermind amout of pictures)
  • The exam is saved to DVD